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Me in MBE

What will my normal day be like?

For an MBE franchisee, every day is different. The services which each client might need for you vary tremendously. Each person who contacts you online, by phone or who walks through the door of your centre might need packing, shipping, lifting, stacking, delivering, something picking up or receiving, graphic design, printing, consulting, sorting, binding, bundling, forwarding, copying, storing, scanning, archiving or any one of a dozen or more tasks completing.

It’s your job to listen carefully to each potential client’s exact needs and solve situations as varied as:

  • Printing marketing materials to advertise a service or new restaurant menus and distributing them around the local area
  • Setting up and handling a range of incoming communications via a virtual office setup
  • Fulfilling the e-commerce needs of small businesses
  • Creating the ideal courier solution for an individual with an emergency or special item which needs to be transported

Who are my clients?

Your clients will range from individuals to small and medium enterprises in almost every sector of the economy. One of the keys to developing a successful MBE Business Centre is to establish long-lasting relationships with clients who use you – the people who own, operate or work at these companies. With your skills and experience – and the extensive training which we provide – you’ll have everything you need to do this.

MBE franchises thrive on repeat business. But with the powerful marketing we help you set up, and the national advertising we invest in on top, you will have no trouble attracting new customers.

What’s in it for me?

Starting your own business is a challenge. But as an MBE franchisee, a lot of those challenges are completely smoothed out of the way for you. We give you the opportunity to apply your hard work and skills in a situation where they are going to garner you the biggest return for the effort you put in.

Just like thousands of other entrepreneurs who have chosen to start their own businesses as part of the MBE family, you will get the most out of your new business with the help and support which MBE provides.