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MBE At Your Side

MBE knows how to make businesses succeed and grow. We’ve helped thousands of franchisees in more than 40 different countries and cultures establish their MBE franchise, build and expand.

If you’re a trustworthy, reliable, hard-working type and you’re committed to making a success of your business, we provide everything you need to get started and grow your own business.

The MBE business concept

People need the services which MBE offers all year round. The services don’t go out of fashion. Nor are they likely to be superseded by technology at any time in the future.

The main clients you will have as an MBE franchisee are local and regional small and medium businesses in almost every industry.

Training and expertise

We’re really looking for the right kind of person to become one of our franchisees. If you’re dedicated, we provide all of the training you need and help you with all of the preparation work required to open and make a success of your business.

National marketing and advertising

The MBE brand is known around the world. But we supplement that widespread brand penetration with national-level marketing campaigns on the behalf of all of the franchisees in given areas. It’s just what you need to keep growing your business. And not something that anyone could afford as a solo entrepreneur.

Framework agreements

The framework agreements which you will benefit from as an MBE franchisee are not the kind of support new solo business owners could set up either. Agreed with specially chosen providers in specific sectors, they enable you to access all kinds of goods and services you need to operate your business at more cost-effective rates.

They also let you become the chosen link between consumers and large and small companies in all kinds of sectors, providing you with a potential source of additional clients.

Business development tools

Having helped thousands of entrepreneurs develop their individual locations, we’ve built a whole suite of proven tools and techniques to support your business as you put down roots and grow. We know how to help you secure strong customer relationships so your business continues to expand.

Financial guidance and planning

Some of our framework agreements are with banks and other financial institutions. When you begin to get the financial side of your new business in place, our expert partners are there to help you set up the proper structure.

Selecting your location

After opening MBE centres in locations around the world, we know what makes the ideal position for your business in your chosen area. We help you choose the ideal premises.

Interior design and branding

There are certain ways to set up your location’s interior which improve the way your business runs. After decades of perfecting the make-up of an MBE location, we’ll show you what works best.

Business analytics

In order to help your business develop, we collect and analyse the data generated by the thousands of MBE business centres worldwide. Then we share that data and analysis with you to help you grow your business.